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Re: Tyrannosaur arm capabilities

Betty Cunningham wrote:
<Having a T rex squat/lay down/sit/brood on a small spot on the ground
without damaging whatever is in that spot would be like trying to back a
dump truck around a wedding cake in the middle of the road.>
<Next I'll hear someone propose T rex had WHISKERS in the pelvis area to
detect where the eggs were since they couldn't see their own hands.>
    Remember, YOU said it.  Whiskers, quite an intriguing idea.
    As I recall, some birds have feathers that act as whiskers, so you may be
on to something, in your offhand remark.  However, I'll take another tack: T
rex's hands might have been the whiskers you speak of.  That is, if it had
trouble settling accurately onto its nest, it might have gingerly felt about
as it went down, to bring the breast in for a perfect, soft landing over the
nest hole.  Good point.
    One other point, while on this subject.  T rex ought to have put its chin
down while setting or getting up.  If it didn't use this extra control
measure, then it deserved to become extinct.
    Tom Hopp