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Re: T rex brooding

Dwight Stewart wrote:
>The ability to control one's own body mass & weight seems a pertinent issue
here. What is the latest estimated weight of a robust tyrannosaur adult(?)
5,000 - 7,000 kgs?
At first glance, the prospect of such a heavy animal sitting DELICATELY down
seems anathema. But, the tyrannosaurs had very powerful legs & MIGHT could
have managed it. Two questions seem to bare on this:
1) How "fit" were tyrannosaurs? Could an adult perform "deep squats"
under control?
2) How sensitive were the, er "hind quarters" of an adult tyrannosaur?<
I'm no ornithologist, and can`t quite remember exactly where a brood
patch would be located, but am taking my queue from Tom Hopp`s mention of
"breasting the nest" to mean that it lies somewhere between the armpits of
this large beast. So why all the talk of its relatively insensitive pelvic
region ? As Tom pointed out , it most likely used its hands to feel about
for, (and I think manipulate), the eggs. If its arms were entirely useless,
then why didn`t evolution eliminate them altogether?
I`d also like to amend my statement of the pubic boot being a "perfect
fulcrum", actually, the balance point must be at the acetabulum. As the
pubic boot lies slightly forward of that, it would act more as a "safety
stop", to prevent the T rex from performing a "face plant".
PS Tom Hopp wrote: >One flaw in your logic:" Bird-descendents" should
read: "Bird-cousins".
Nope!...until I see strong proof of the opposite, I`m for BCF, ...not
necessarily BrCF, (unless it took place in the trees!). Larry Febo