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RE: brooding Tyrannosaur

The ability to control one's own body mass & weight seems a pertinent issue
here.  What is the latest estimated weight of a robust tyrannosaur adult(?)
5,000 - 7,000 kgs?   
At first glance, the prospect of such a heavy animal sitting DELICATELY down
seems anathema.  But, the tyrannosaurs had very powerful legs & MIGHT could
have managed it.  Two questions seem to bare on this:
1)      How "fit" were tyrannosaurs?  Could an adult perform "deep squats"
under control?
2)      How sensitive were the, er "hind quarters" of an adult tyrannosaur?

In a related matter (well, SORT of) how easily could an adult tyrannosaur
return to its feet if it fell or was knocked down, by say, a well aimed
hadrosaur tail?


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        "larryf" <larryf@capital.net> wrote:
        <In the discussions about the ability of T rex to support its weight

        while possibly brooding its nest, I noticed that nobody has
mentioned that

        large pubic structure that might have served as a perfect fulcrum,

        allowed T rex a great degree of precise control of its forequarters,
as it

        would not be supporting a ton of mass, but , actually closer to no
weight at

        all due to the counterbalancing tail at the other end of the

        Perhaps this is why these large, cursorial,"bird"-descendants have

        pubes sticking way , out, and not in a more rear- directed,

            From my perspective, an almost perfect explanation.
Furthermore, the
        smallish hands would be quite useful in fine control as the breast
was lowered
        onto the nest. Here, I ignore the unfounded notion that T rex's arms
        buried under masses of chest-flesh, as some have suggested.
            One flaw in your logic: "Bird-descendents" should read:
            Tom Hopp