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Re: The Circle Now Unbroken

In a message dated 98-08-18 04:42:08 EDT, Danvarner@aol.com writes:

<< Thanks are due to The History Channel on American cable television tonight.
 With their depiction of a bipedal ankylosaurian dinosaur in tonight's program
 about the Cope/Marsh fossil feud, the circle has been closed and every major
 taxon of dinosaur has been depicted as bipedal. Halleluja!  And to think I
 lived to see it! Dan Varner. >>

I recall that the ankylosaur was leaning against a tree, not walking
bipedally, but this may just be my failing memory. Meanwhile, aside from
inserting _Triceratops_ into the Morrison fauna, the show was surprisingly
accurate and deserves some credit for that. Would have been nice had they used
all of Leidy's original names for North America's first-named dinosaurs (only
_Troodon_ made it into the program), but that's a really minor cavil.

I'd be interested in seeing a well-produced historical series on dinosaur
discoveries, but there's very little chance of that ever coming into being.
Covering topics such as the German and British Tendaguru expeditions, the AMNH
expeditions to Mongolia (yet again), the Russian and Polish expeditions to
Mongolia (seldom if ever touched on in TV shows), the Ameghino brothers, that
sort of thing.