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RE: T rex brooding

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> Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 1998 8:43 AM
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> Subject:      Re: T rex brooding
> Dwight Stewart wrote:
> >The ability to control one's own body mass & weight seems a pertinent
> issue
> here. What is the latest estimated weight of a robust tyrannosaur adult(?)
> 5,000 - 7,000 kgs?
> At first glance, the prospect of such a heavy animal sitting DELICATELY
> down
> seems anathema. But, the tyrannosaurs had very powerful legs & MIGHT could
> have managed it. Two questions seem to bare on this:
> 1) How "fit" were tyrannosaurs? Could an adult perform "deep squats"
> under control?
> 2) How sensitive were the, er "hind quarters" of an adult tyrannosaur?<
> I'm no ornithologist, and can`t quite remember exactly where a brood
> patch would be located, but am taking my queue from Tom Hopp`s mention of
> "breasting the nest" to mean that it lies somewhere between the armpits of
> this large beast. So why all the talk of its relatively insensitive pelvic
> region ? As Tom pointed out , it most likely used its hands to feel about
> for, (and I think manipulate), the eggs. If its arms were entirely
> useless,
> then why didn`t evolution eliminate them altogether?
> I`d also like to amend my statement of the pubic boot being a "perfect
> fulcrum", actually, the balance point must be at the acetabulum. As the
> pubic boot lies slightly forward of that, it would act more as a "safety
> stop", to prevent the T rex from performing a "face plant".
> PS Tom Hopp wrote: >One flaw in your logic:" Bird-descendents" should
> read: "Bird-cousins".
> Nope!...until I see strong proof of the opposite, I`m for BCF, ...not
> necessarily BrCF, (unless it took place in the trees!). Larry Febo
        [Stewart, Dwight]  -------------------------------------------------

        Okay, I see your point.  I've wondered about the arms myself.  WAS
        evolution in the process of eliminating them?  We'll probably never
        that.  Didn't Dr. Horner (or was it Currie) estimate that an adult
        could single-arm curl ~ 350 pounds???  Even with limited flexion at
        the "shoulder joint" (or perhaps, nearly none!) that's enormously
        for a 'human sized' limb.  In my distant youth I was a competive
        lifter & the heaviest single-arm curl I ever heard of was 150
        IF the tyrannosaur forelimbs were as strong as some infer, that
        seem to work in favor of 'breasting'.