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RE: Extinction scenarios

Toby White wrote:

<Lets picture a landscape ten or twenty years after an imaginary KT
event in which almost everything was killed unselectively, but nothing
became extinct.>

  This is perhaps the best post-impact scenario I've read, and i don;t
think there are that many out there to begin with.

  Excellent, Toby.

  The actual end of the dinosaurs came, probably, by some of the
popular factors in the initial extinction scenarios: egg-predation,
competition for food by large[r] predators, loss of viable plantfood
and thus herbivores, all of which were hinted at by you. Because
reduction of predators and prey have resulted, niches are open (wide
open!) and off-continent species roam and migrate.

  I imagine Bakker's _Raptor Red_ (without the raptor but perhaps
small aublysodonts) as migrating throughout Asiamerica, into Europe,
from there to Africa, and of course the location of the impact wipes
most of South America out and the southern, distant reaches are
getting colder, as is Antarctica and Australia. Freezer scenario,
albeit a little rewritten.

  The migration, of course, brings with it diseases, a scenario I have
always thought very much possible.

  The rest of the dinos die, due to lack of living varieties after the
impact, crocs and mammals AND dinos are to blame, too bad, rex, and
the stage is set.

  Kudos, Toby.

Jaime A. Headden

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