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Re: T rex brooding

    The _T. rex_ arm strength estimate was done at the Museum of the Rockies
in Bozeman, MT.  Jack Horner runs the Vert. Paleo. there, but I recall that
the work was done by Ken Carpenter, who was there at the time.

    The original estimates were based on the _T. rex_ that Horner dug up
that had the first complete set of arms.  I believe the lifting power was
320 lbs. in a single arm curl (I seem to remember that there was an estimate
if the arms were scaled up to a more robust form [ presumed female by most],
then it could curl 450 lbs).

    Allan Edels

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> Okay, I see your point.  I've wondered about the arms myself.  WAS
> evolution in the process of eliminating them?  We'll probably never
> that.  Didn't Dr. Horner (or was it Currie) estimate that an adult
> could single-arm curl ~ 350 pounds???  Even with limited flexion at
> the "shoulder joint" (or perhaps, nearly none!) that's enormously
> for a 'human sized' limb.  In my distant youth I was a competive
> lifter & the heaviest single-arm curl I ever heard of was 150
> IF the tyrannosaur forelimbs were as strong as some infer, that
> seem to work in favor of 'breasting'.
> Dwight