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Re: nesting rexes (resting nexes?)

Would this hypothetical mound be in any particular soil type?  

Would we see a prediliction towards sand (desert regions and near
rivers) perhaps as it's easy to scoop?

How 'bout mud which is common enough in delta areas and fits in with
much of the types of other known nesting dinosaurs environs?

Heck, we could even put a good furrow in clay with a T rex.  The
fortunate thing about being a 30 foot long, 9 ton T rex, is you could
probably scoop dirt in just about any soil there is.  That is you have
the muscle required to get the dirt moved.  

It would seem to me that a T rex scooping dirt with it's feet would tend
to scoop lots of dirt and these mounds would be LARGE as the parts of
the T rex used in making this mound are all humungous.

-Betty Cunningham

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> I would envision using the feet for the primary excavation, the jaws to
> bring in any vegetation, and the snout to shape the mound.  Hard to
> demonstrate from the fossil record, true, but it doesn't seem to be unlikely
> to me.