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Re: extinction scenarios

Too bad for the poor microbes that waited for the meteor`s approach to
launch their deadly attack on that large host of dinosaur species! Even if
they had begun their assualt, their killing spree could only have lasted
what (a couple of months at most?),...cause that`s about how long it would
have taken for the dust cloud to enshroud the Earth`s atmosphere, block out
photosynthesis, killed off just about all the standing plants, then the
herbivores, then the carnivores. Oh yeah,..and also the deadly microbes
themselves,...I`ll have to add them to my list. But wait, wouldn`t they
still have the avian population to infect?? Why didn`t they wipe out the
birds ? Unless the dino`s weren`t related to birds at all??  Boy, these
microbes sure seem to be the proverbial "monkey wrench", don`t they?