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Re: Looking for tiny dinosaurs

> For a reasonably recent treatment of "tiny" dinosaurs from the Triassic,
> see the following:
> Hunt, A.P. and Lucas, S.G.,1994, Ornithischian dinosaurs from the Upper
> Triassic of the United States:  in N.C. Fraser and H.D. Sues, eds., In the
> Shadow of Dinosaurs:  Early Mesozoic tetrapods:  Cambridge University
> Press, Cambridge, p. 226-241.

Which reminds me... can anyone give me the dimensions for the teeth 
of _Revueltosaurus_? 

( I have Donald Glut's Dinosaur Encyclopedia, but the measurements
he gives are frankly unbelievable - just one of the uncountable number of
typos in this volume.)