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Dear list members,

I am off to Morocco again in approximately 1 month.  Although I am going
for commercial reasons, my posting to the list is not of a commercial

I am writing to enquire whether anyone on the list would like any
information (photos, etc.) of  mines, sites, areas, or specimens while I am

I will hopefully be doing a little bit of information gathering for a few
academics while I am there, so if there is anything that any of the list
members would like me to look into while I am there, please let me know.  I
will do my best to accomodate your request.  I will have my digital camera
and GPS unit with me.

I will be visiting (hopefully!) all of the following:

Phosphate mines
a pre-cambrian site
cretaceous exposures (marine and terrestrial) in the Kem Kem 
ordivician and devonian trilobite sites
crinoid localities
ammonite localities