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RE: T rex brooding

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            We do have a _Giganotosaurus_ mount (cast, etc.) here in
        (PA) at the ANSP (Academy of Natural Sciences, Phila).  It is in the
        lobby, climbing over the desk.  It faces the cast of _T. rex_
(copied from
        the American Museum of Natural History's [NY] specimen  - changed to
        a more active idea of _T. rex_).

            My understanding is that the mount is based on 35-40% of the
        which was all that was available when the mount was being built.
The jaws
        are fairly distinctive, and the head is very long.  The body is not
        robust as _T. rex_ - and tying back to our earlier discussion, the
_T. rex_
        is presumed male.

                Allan Edels

        You LUCKY guys!!! :-)  Is there a picture of the mount anywhere on
the Web?
        The estimates I have read and/or heard is that the Giganotosaurus
was longer &
        Perhaps heavier than a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but not as tall or
muscular.  Does that match the
        Mount in Philadelphia?  

        Sadly, we have few museums in Texas & very few natural history
museums! :-(

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        Subject: RE: T rex brooding


        >On the subject of huge, predatory dinosaurs: a fellow "dinophyle"
        >recently mentioned a "mount" of a giganotosaurus somewhere here in
        >states.  Perhaps Philadelphia? I wasn't aware that sufficient
specimens had
        >been recovered for anything like a reasonable mount of this animal.