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Re: T rex brooding


    We do have a _Giganotosaurus_ mount (cast, etc.) here in Philadelphia
(PA) at the ANSP (Academy of Natural Sciences, Phila).  It is in the main
lobby, climbing over the desk.  It faces the cast of _T. rex_ (copied from
the American Museum of Natural History's [NY] specimen  - changed to reflect
a more active idea of _T. rex_).

    My understanding is that the mount is based on 35-40% of the skeleton,
which was all that was available when the mount was being built.  The jaws
are fairly distinctive, and the head is very long.  The body is not as
robust as _T. rex_ - and tying back to our earlier discussion, the _T. rex_
is presumed male.

        Allan Edels

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>On the subject of huge, predatory dinosaurs: a fellow "dinophyle" here
>recently mentioned a "mount" of a giganotosaurus somewhere here in the
>states.  Perhaps Philadelphia? I wasn't aware that sufficient specimens had
>been recovered for anything like a reasonable mount of this animal.