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K/T Extinction - THE END

As a final note on the K/T extinction:

    Robert Sawyer, a noted science fiction author, wrote his ideas about the
K/T extinction in his 1994 novel - "End of an Era".

    My quick synopsis is time-travelling paleontologists (from our future -
where they have AIDS vacines, etc.) go back to the K/T and discover that
viral-based, hive-mind aliens from Mars have altered gravity (lower to
enable increased growth - via gravitational satellites), bio-engineered
dinosaurs into the strange and wonderful creatures we all know.  And when
the paleontologists realize that the aliens want to hijack them and travel
to the future to take over the human race, they contrive a way to diasable
the satellites.  When the satellites stop artificially lowering gravity, the
dinosaurs die because they can't support their own weight, and the
hive-mind, viral aliens can't maintain their own corporality (They need to
be in close proximity to each other to be able to function).  This is the
end of dinos, the land masses shift drastically, and viruses start (based on
the aliens).   Covers everything!!!!

I have included a review from Amazon books:
*from Booklist , 10/15/94
*Veteran paleontologist Brandon Thackery fulfills a dinosaur lover's dream
when he and colleague-*best friend Miles "Klicks" Jordan take history's
first time-traveling jaunt back to the late Mesozoic. *Hoping to solve the
great mystery of dinosaur extinction, Brandon and Klicks use the newly
*discovered Huang Effect to backtrack into Earth's 65-million-year past.
There they discover not *only that the earth's gravity is half its
twenty-first-century value but that the beings responsible for *this are
blue-slime creatures from Mars that manipulate the dinosaurs like pawns.
Meanwhile, back *in an alternate time line in which no Huang Effect exists,
Brandon discovers an outrageous laptop *diary, apparently written by
himself, that relates all these incredible adventures; he tracks down a
*previously unknown Dr. Huang for an explanation. Sawyer parlays his
enduring enthusiasm for *dinosaurs--his last three novels featured
them--into refreshing fun and thought-provoking *entertainment. He'll
satisfy his own fans and those of dinosaurs and old-fashioned time-traveling
*yarns, too. " Carl Hays.

    I chaired a Time-Travel panel (at PHILCON) where Robert Sawyer was a
member of the panel.  He is very personable, and well informed about
dinosaurs.  (I do not think that he was really serious about his scenario).

    Allan Edels