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Hi all...

I was going through some articles that I've collected over the years,
and I found one that I'd clipped from Omni magazine some years back.  It
was in regards to a truly massive South American crocodilian named
Purussaurus.  The article is short, and gives some preliminary
measurements (40' long, 8' tall, 10-12 tons), and was touted as among
the Earth's largest carnivores.  It lived and died as recently as 8
million years ago.

Something like this intrigued me, and I was wondering if anyone might
know anything else about the animal.  At the date of the article, only
the massive skull had been found.  Thanks for any info...

John M. Dollan
Montana State University-Northern
Graduate Assistant
ICQ# 308260

"To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the
universe...."  Carl Sagan