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Re: Trying to UN-falsify the bolide

In a message dated 8/21/98 10:59:15 AM, Chris Lavers wrote:

<<I have found these exchanges, and particularly the cogent devil's advocacy
by John, to be highly thought-provoking (and very useful to me as an
ecologist currently writing about these sorts of things!). Thanks. MY

I lean much more to the comments in caps than to the devil's advocate points
they discuss.

And my final notes:

Living as I do among the giant trees of the Pacific Northwest, I know that if
an asteroid hit, the firestorm would leave millions of cooked but unburnt
cedar trees (one of which looms tall outside my window as I write this).  The
dead bodies of these giants are fire and rot resistant.  They stand or lie for
centuries before returning to the mire, providing home and a food source for
all manner of crawly things, all the way up the food chain to specialized
salamanders who never leave them, and voles who burrow among their roots.  Not
only all this, but if "killed" they resprout from their own stumps to start
all over.  They constitute a very death-resistant system for little crawly
things, but not big things or swift running or flying things.

I think the birds survived on a far flung island and migrated back, and the
turtles crocs and frogs hung out underwater, avoiding heat and sleeping
through cold.  Did I miss anybody?  
    Tom Hopp