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HUMOR: Commemorative Plate Tectonics

> I've heard something about a new geological theory -- maybe you can
> > explain it for me.  It's called "commemorative plate tectonics"...ever
> > heard of it?
> } This is how it all started. A few years ago, two eminent Geologistic
> } brother, Doctors Franklin and Pobjoy Mint, discovered a revolutionary
> } method of predicting tectonic activity, and saw an oportunity to make
> } lots of money.
> } Pobjoy (who was never in the best of moods after finding out that he
> } was named after a despicable and sickening sexual act popular in
> } Belgium) postulated that the survivors of earthquakes and eruptions
> } would be inclined to buy plates commemoration the event (presumable
> } because all their own plates would have been shattered into a million
> } pieces.
> }
> } Franklin thence set about gathering a host of artists skilled in
> } rendering volcano scenes and collapsed freeways, and before
> } long the pair were making money hand over first.