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RE: nesting rexes (resting nexes?)

Novice Question #292:
do we even know for a fact that T-Rex laid eggs? What if it just bore
its young live?

Jamie Close

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> Subject:      nesting rexes (resting nexes?)
> Folks,
> Much as I like tyrants (well, tyrant dinos at least), I do not think
> that
> brooding would be a likely behavior for them.  My expectation, on
> biomechanical grounds, would be that they were mound nesters.
> Hopefully
> some of the big eggs out of China will prove to be tyrannosaurids (and
> not
> therizinosauroids), and (also hopefully, but less so, given the way
> these
> things seem to be collected... :-S ) the proper site sedimentology and
> taphonomy will be done to try and determine if sand, plant fragments,
> etc.
> were associated with the egg sites.
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