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Re: Trying to UN-falsify the bolide

Chris Lavers wrote:
> This is my last contribution also, just to take issue with some of John's
> comments criticising what I believe to be one of the crucial mechanisms
> generating the pattern of extinction at the K-T boundary, namely the
> difference between green and brown food chains (veg vs detritus).

I just want to once again applaud your approach to the problem. I think
your dead right. 
        I used this argument to great effect in a 2 hr debate I had with Bob
Bakker on the subject as part of a paleoart symposium held here a few
years ago. 
        An interesting point you might want to address in your research, would
be the differences between the Cennomanian-Turonian Extinctions and the
K/T pattern. The freshwater ecosystem collapses at the end of the
Cenomanian and terrestrial taxa go through pretty uneffected (Eaton, et
al, 1887; GSA Bull. 109(5):560-567). We lose many fishes (the fish part
is mine), turtles, ect. but essentially Late Cret. mammals and lizards
and dinos pass through unscathed. My 1997 lungfish paper in Hunteria
first pointed out this extinction of freshwater fishes in NA.
        There is an Iridium spike in NA at this level but other trace elements
suggest volcanic origin. Sea levels were near the Cret. Peak and we
enter an Oceanic Anoxic event at this time. The floodplain was flooded
with marine water at this time. Some important things to consider.
Perhaps the exception can make the rule? 
        Anyway please keep me informed on your progress in this study as it
clearly is important.

Jim Kirkland
Dinamation Int'l Society