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RE: nesting rexes (resting nexes?)

Actually, HAVE any Tyrannosaur eggs been found? Someone on the list
mentioned that eggs found in Mongolia MIGHT not have been from Toborosaurus,
but from Theirizinosaurus, didn't they? I'm not aware of any eggs identified
as definitely coming from a Tyrannosaur.  Am I wrong about this?

I have read some articles discussing the possibility that that at least
later saurapods might have borne live young.  Which leads to the question:
have any eggs been identified AS saurapod eggs?


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        Novice Question #292:
        do we even know for a fact that T-Rex laid eggs? What if it just
        its young live?

        Jamie Close

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        > Folks,
        > Much as I like tyrants (well, tyrant dinos at least), I do not
        > that
        > brooding would be a likely behavior for them.  My expectation, on
        > biomechanical grounds, would be that they were mound nesters.
        > Hopefully
        > some of the big eggs out of China will prove to be tyrannosaurids
        > not
        > therizinosauroids), and (also hopefully, but less so, given the
        > these
        > things seem to be collected... :-S ) the proper site sedimentology
        > taphonomy will be done to try and determine if sand, plant
        > etc.
        > were associated with the egg sites.
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