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Re: _Giganoto_ is no speedster (was RE: T rex brooding)


    As far as I know, when they mounted the ANSP version of _T. rex_, they
carefully cut out the excess improper tail verts.  Ken Carpenter was in
charge of the mount (all the mounts in the 1986 version of the exhibit) -
you might be able to check with him as to whether they used allosaur verts
and chevrons or whether they replaced them.

    As to the proportions, I was unaware that the legs were from another
specimen.  The feet on the ANSP copy are most likely wrong - and they have
been broken off and replaced several times.

    Allan Edels

P.S. Tom - Hope your WorldCon appearance went well.  Maybe we'll see you
here in Philly for the WorldCon 2001.

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Subject: _Giganoto_ is no speedster (was RE: T rex brooding)


>(and lacking the true structure of tyrannosaurid feet), the tail of the
>mount still uses _Allosaurus_ based vertebral and chevron "falsies" (when
>perfectly good examples of real tyrannosaurid caudals and chevron are to be
>found on the _Gorgosaurus_ models on the wall), etc.]


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