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Carnegie Museum

What a treat it was to be able to visit the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
this week to see the feathered dinosaurs from China.  The show (which lasts
until September 12th) includes Cuadipteryx zoui, Protoarchaeopteryx, a
juvenile and adult specimen of Sinosauropteryx prima and a slab containing a
pair of Cunfuciusornis sanctus.  Brian Cooley's models of C. zoui and S. prima
are also on display (the photos in National Geographic did not do these models
justice, in my opinion).  The fossils and the models are beautifully displayed
at eye level in plexiglass cases that allow close inspection and the museum
has done a wonderful job in providing large, easy to read interpretive text,
drawings and other information.  Although I was able to enjoy the exhibit
essentially by myself for the first 30 minutes the museum was open, it
gradually became quite crowded with people of all ages.  I overheard comments
from more than one budding paleontologist among the under 10 crowd.

Congratulations to the Carnegie for such a beautiful exhibit and a wonderful
museum.  I will be posting my photos of the feathered dinosaur fossils on my
web site hopefully within the week.

Pat Norton