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How can it be that a year has passed since the FADLG?  For those
who have joined the list in the past year, see the First Annual Dinosaur 
List Gathering (FADLG) at:

This year, the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists convention will
be held at Snowbird Resort in Salt Lake City from September 30 
through October 4, and it is time to start thinking about SADLG
(Second Annual Dinosaur List Gathering).  Last year we had a 
breakfast migration event on Thursday, but a lunchtime meeting is 
also a possibility, depending on the scheduling of dinosaur talks. 
A meeting early in the convention is useful because participants
can greet other dinolisters throughout the rest of the SVP activities. 

If you are planning to attend SVP and would be interested in
meeting the articulate(d) people behind the posts, please let me
know, and if you have suggestions for SADLG (time, place, etc.), 
let me know that too.  I would be particularly interested in hearing 
from anyone who has been to Snowbird and knows the layout and 
meeting place possibilities.  I will put the suggestions together and 
post updates on the progress of SADLG.