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Twighlight zone for dinosaurs.

Imagine, if you will, ten small mammals no bigger than _Cimolestes magnus_
digging quietly under the soft plain.  Above, a brooding dinosaur is
secure in the knowledge that he is the nastiest creature on the plain.  He
can crush any attacker.  A gallery of tunnels is being constructed,
seemingly without purpose--except that the nest is their focal point.  In
another nest 100 meters away, another placental tunneller opens a hole
directly into the nest.  An egg falls down the hole.  It doesn't fall far.
In the first nest the labyrinth is becoming unstable.  The dinosaur,
feeling a slight shift beneath it puts its head down and covers the eggs
with as much of itself as it can.  But the dinosaur's own weight is
working against it.  The ground sinks.  The dinosaur jumps up in fright
only to see its eggs disappearing into the hole.

I read this today and report it (with a little embelishment).

It's true. Can you guess the species involved?  Then we'll play Twister!