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Natural History Dinobird Articles

Since no one has mentioned this yet, the AMNH publication _Natural
History_ (9/98) has two articles of interest to the list.  The first is "Wings
Over Spain" by Luis Chiappe, concerning the finds at Las Hoyas.  
_Eoaulavis_ and a 135-million-year-old hatchling which is unnamed
are both pictured in detail.  Much discussion on alulas and the flying 
ability of both primitive birds.  (pp.30-32)

Following that article is "First Came Feathers" by Mark Norell (p. 32),
in which he discusses _Caudipteryx_ and _Protarchaeopteryx_ and
the function of the feathers found on both specimens.  (Interestingly,
the latter is mispelled as"Protoarchaeopteryx" in all citations.)  Photos
by Mick Ellison show the _Caudipteryx_ slab and a detail of the 
feathers on the arm.