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Something needs to be clarified... 

Novacek doesn't give a rat's #@% about theropodian or even dinosaurian 
phylogenetics :)  Novacek (as most of you know) is mainly into mammalian 
phylogeny (particulary chiropterans and multituberculates).  To my 
knowledge, Novacek never was senior author or even close to any 
dinosaurian papers (he was last author on the oviraptorid egg paper).  
Novacek MAY hold this position (his cladograms in Dinosaurs of the 
Flaming Cliffs show something like this), but he hasn't published 
anything in the peer-reviewed literature. 

As for Norell..  Norell is interested in theropodian phylogenetics as 
well as crocodilian and varanoid phylogenetics.  Norell is probably the 
progenitor of the "tyrannosaurs inside a monophyletic Carnosauria" in 
recent (post-Holtz :)) times.  I don't know if he actually believed or 
believes this (I think he may hold a position close to Sereno's; 
tyrannosaurs are coelurosaurs but not "maniraptorans"). 

Anyway, I hope that this clears some things up,

Matt Troutman 

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