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Re: OT genus changes query

Larry Dunn wrote:
> Could someone please fill me in on why this prehistoric animal genus
> change occurred? 
> Carcharodon megalodon --- Carcharocles megalodon

Simply put C. megalodon is not a giant great white shark it is a
different family (Otodontidae) in the Lamniformes. The teeth differ in
many ways from those of a great white shark The serations are much more
regular, the neck is well developed and stongly curved toward top, and
the root is strongly notched.
        Carcharodon is in the Lamnidae and its origins out of Isurus hastalis
(a mako) in the Late Miocene is very probable, when C. megalodon had
already been around for a long time. The serrations were developed
independantly and are quite different if you really look at them.

        A few of you know about the movies on this beast coming out. It is
sexier to say it is a giant white. All we can say it is a giant cousin
of the great white.

        Unfortuanately we have no idea what C. megalodon looked like (it
probably ate whales sure). To catch a whale, you would need a fusiform
body and a lunate tail, but we cannot base its body form on a great

For references. See:

Cappetta, H, 1987, Chondrichthyes II: Mesozoic and Cenozoic
Elasmobranchii; Handbook of Paleoichthyology, v. 3B, Gustav Fisher
Verlag, New York, 193 p.

Jim Kirkland