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Re: 1998 Dinosaur Calender

Actually, there WAS a dinosaur calendar last year: Brian Franczak did a
swell one that was, to say the least, badly distributed. 

As I recall, BF may still have some left. Who cares about the dates
really, anyway?  It'll be accurate again in 10 or 20 years, and
meanwhile you can look at the pictures.

I'm sure someone can supply a URL but I know you can get something at:


David Krentz wrote:
> Subject: 1998 Dinosaur Calender                              11:36 AM
> 8/25/98
>   For all of you who missed having a dinosaur calender last year there will
> be something to fill the void this year.  Ricardo Delgado has put together a
> calender with eight new peices as well as the four prints he had available
> this year.  Included are a Carnotaurus, Inostrancivia, and Baryonyx to name a
> few.  These dinosaurs are much more up to date than the ones from his award
> wining Age of Reptiles comic.   Call 1-800-932-0070 to reserve one. (avail
> late Sept.)
>   I thought this might be a valid posting because so many people complained
> last year about no calender.
>   David Krentz