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Re: 1998 Dinosaur Calender

In a message dated 98-08-26 00:12:31 EDT, you write:

 When I first posted last year about the possibility of finding a dinosaur
 calendar, several people mentioned the dinosaur studio site and Brian
 in particular.  Brian replied that the calendar was not produced.  Brian
 may post on this himself, but in personal correspondence to me about
 the possibility of a dinosaur calendar this year, he said that he was
 not producing one.  
  Calendars are a unique form of publishing. There is a small window of time
and an enormous amount of competition. Been there, done that. Besides, when
all the calendars come out, students who would normally buy Brian's piece are
either studying for finals, buying Christmas presents, taking care of
hangovers, or paying for their trips home. Brian took a big hit last year when
so few folks would pony up a couple of bucks for an enormous amount of
heartfelt work that he sweated blood over. It is much to his credit that he
still wants to share it with you for free at http://www.paleolife-art.com
Dan Varner.