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Re: NOVACEK AND CARNOSAURIA, plus a "new" taxon

At 02:55 PM 8/25/98 PDT, Matt Troutman wrote:

>As for Norell..  Norell is interested in theropodian phylogenetics as 
>well as crocodilian and varanoid phylogenetics.  Norell is probably the 
>progenitor of the "tyrannosaurs inside a monophyletic Carnosauria" in 
>recent (post-Holtz :)) times.

And, actually, it's not as if he's actually published a peer-reviewed paper
saying such.

>I don't know if he actually believed or 
>believes this (I think he may hold a position close to Sereno's; 
>tyrannosaurs are coelurosaurs but not "maniraptorans"). 

Hey, to clear things up more: Sereno actually has tyrannosaurids closer to
birds than I do!!  (See his most recent phylogeny in last years Annual
Review of Earth & Planetary Sciences, where the phylogeny for
Maniraptoriformes runs:

(Ornithomosauria + Therizinosauroidea) + (Tyrannosauridae +
(Oviraptorosauria + ((Dromaeosauridae + Troodontidae) + Aves)))

Also, just got back from the Canadian Museum of Nature last night.  While
there, I came across an interesting historical note.  In the box holding the
type dentaries of _Ricardoestesia_, there was an old handwritten note
considering them part of the type of _Steneodactylus pergracilis_.
Apparently this was the name that Gilmore was going to use, before deciding
on _Chirostenotes pergracilis_.

Hope this helps.

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