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Re: _Giganoto_ is no speedster (was RE: T rex brooding)

At 02:09 PM 8/22/98 -0400, Allan Edels wrote:
>    As far as I know, when they mounted the ANSP version of _T. rex_, they
>carefully cut out the excess improper tail verts.  Ken Carpenter was in
>charge of the mount (all the mounts in the 1986 version of the exhibit) -
>you might be able to check with him as to whether they used allosaur verts
>and chevrons or whether they replaced them.

They did still use allo verts & chevrons, even if they did shorten the tail.
Same with the updated AMNH mount.  Unfortunate.  (Still, a big improvement
over the old version).

>    As to the proportions, I was unaware that the legs were from another
>specimen.  The feet on the ANSP copy are most likely wrong - and they have
>been broken off and replaced several times.

Yes, the legs ARE wrong on ANSP, too.  The hindlimbs were not found in AMNH
5027 (which forms, for the most part, the basis of the ANSP mount).
Couldn't be helped, as complete gracile-morph legs were not available at the
time they put that baby up.  Even so, they make it look bulkier and stockier
than a real _T. rex_ would.

>P.S. Tom - Hope your WorldCon appearance went well.  Maybe we'll see you
>here in Philly for the WorldCon 2001.

Hope so, too!

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