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In a message dated 8/26/98 1:03:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time, TomHopp@AOL.COM

<< Good points, well taken, but: Are you saying that (1) above is not true for
flight as well (two solutions, that is)? >>

To be sure, different taxa solved the problem of flight through different
evolutionary innovations (feathers in birds, skin flaps in pterosaurs and
mammals, something else in insects, and something else again in snakes and
plants and gargoyles..., etc., etc.)  But is it reasonable to expect to see
two distinctly different derived characters in ONE animal?  Besides, you're
not talking about flight, you're talking about incubation--or brooding, or
whatever.  If incubation and/or brooding was the primary selective agent, why
not one solution?  If you insist on two, why not flaps of skin on the right
side of the body and feathers on the left?  Or feathers on the leading edge
and flaps on skin on the trailing edge?