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GSP1954 wrote:
> Alan Feduccia labled the dinosaur-bird hypothesis as "dogma"
> on a TV documentary. Does anyone have an example of his saying
> so in print, with ref?

The statement is in the October 24, 1997 issue of Science, as
quoted in the press release from the University of North Carolina by
David Williamson::


"Scientists: embryo studies show dinosaurs could not have given
rise to modern birds"

?The theory that birds descended from dinosaurs has become dogma
in the past 20 years or so, and yet a large number of people do not
accept it because there are insurmountable problems with that theory,?
Feduccia said. ?First, there is the time problem in that superficially
bird-like dinosaurs occurred some 30 million to 80 million years after
the earliest known bird, which is 150 million years old.?