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RE: [Fwd: Dinosaur Society]

Sorry about the (very) late reply, but I thought the Dinosaur Society was
defunct or nearly so.  Do they even still have their web site?

Also, I'd love to hear some comments regarding;

"The theory that birds descended from dinosaurs has become dogma in the past
20 years or so, and yet a large number of people do not accept it because
there are insurmountable problems with that theory," Feduccia said. "First,
there is the time problem in that superficially bird-like dinosaurs occurred
some 30 million to 80 million years after the earliest known bird, which is
150 million years old." 
I'm a physicist & mathematician, not a paleontologist, but I don't see any
scientific basis for labeling the "dinosaur/bird" link as "dogma".


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