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RE: [Fwd: Dinosaur Society]

Thanks, Andrew!

  So it is (just linked)! :-)  

   As far as the dinosaur/bird link, I defer to our physiology and evolution
experts, but I've seen a lot of printed, peer reviewed papers that take a
different view.  :-)  On that subject, I received 2 shocks this week:

1)      My rather rotound tabby cat evidently devoured a swallow tail
yesterday, because the "tell tale tail" feathers were all over my front
lawn.  My guess is, this bird succumbed to natural causes, as I can't see my
22 pound puddy cat actually predating this bird!  But the mental image of
her "stalking" an "avian dinosaur" did give me a pause! :-)
2)      Our local zoo, EVER THE PROMOTERS, have been advertising their two
Kommodo Dragons (sp?) as "dinosaur survivors".    I'm just anal retentive
enough for this to rub me slightly wrong.


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        I can tell you the Dinosaur Society's web page is still up at:
        <http://www.webscope.com/webscope/dino/homepage.html>,  but I don't
        anything else.

        I really better not speak to whether that's dogma or not.  All I
know is
        that when I yell "Look! A dinosaur" and point at a pigeon, nobody
gets it.

        Andrew Walters

        Check out Dino Hunt at <http://www.sjgames.com/dinohunt>!

        At 2:06 PM -0800 8/27/98, Stewart, Dwight wrote:
        >Sorry about the (very) late reply, but I thought the Dinosaur
Society was
        >defunct or nearly so.  Do they even still have their web site?
        >Also, I'd love to hear some comments regarding;
        >"The theory that birds descended from dinosaurs has become dogma in
the past
        >20 years or so, and yet a large number of people do not accept it
        >there are insurmountable problems with that theory," Feduccia said.
        >there is the time problem in that superficially bird-like dinosaurs
        >some 30 million to 80 million years after the earliest known bird,
which is
        >150 million years old."
        >I'm a physicist & mathematician, not a paleontologist, but I don't
see any
        >scientific basis for labeling the "dinosaur/bird" link as "dogma".
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