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Re: BATS- Any among the dinosaurs?

the earliest known bat fossil appears in the back of PTERASAURS by
Wellnhofer.  AFAIK it is still the oldest bat.  And remains as advanced
as any modern mircobat with echolocation abilities and a fully modern

-Betty Cunningham

Peter Von Sholly wrote:
> Hey, everybody!  Does anybody know when the first BATS appeared?  According
> to VERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY(Carroll, that is) they may have been Paleocene
> or even earlier?  Due to a paucity of fossil evidence it was hard to say
> more.  But I am wondering whether anything new has come to light regarding
> the darling origins of Chiroptera....  or whatever you call them.
> Thanks--- PVS
> P.S. Please forgive this non-dino question...