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    Here is the information on W.D.B's 1999 dinosaur calender:

 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth: The Dinosaurs of Wayne Douglas Barlowe
 ISBN: 1-55809-911-5
 Produced by Prtal Publications Ltd: Novato, California. 
 Thier web site is at: http://www.portalpub.com
 I haven't checked it out, but I would assume that ordering information
can be aquired there.   

     Artwork includes: two lounging Ceratosaurus in front of a felled
sauropod, a camoflaged Homocephale, and Oviraptor eating shellfish on the
beach, small ornithopods fleeing a fire, Kentrosaurus fends off a large
theropod, Velociraptor with a bunch of pointy feathers on its head against
the sunset, two sauropods with babies with a rainbow in the background,
two iguanodons flee a volcano, two neon colored tyrannosaurus vie for a
severed ornithischian leg, and three of Barlowe's ceratopsian pictures
from Dodson's book on horned dinosaurs (Leptoceratops, Pachyrhinosaurus,
and Arrhinoceratops [sic]).  Enjoy.

LN Jeff