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Lots'a questions after a ref.-tiding-up!

I've just search through all my Dinosaur refs, and other info, and found out a 
lot of 
questions and comments:

As far as I know, not much of the back of Carcharodontosaurus is ever found, so 
I have 
this hypotese:

        Sinraptorines, like Sinraptor and Mamenchisaurus has quite tall neural 
compared to other Allosauroides. Sinraptorinae may then be a group of 
Allosaurides whith 
taller backs,- maybe a evolutionary base for a back-sail. Acrocanthosaurus has 
a lot of 
features whith Acrocanthosaurus and Giganotosaurus, which again has a lot of 
similarities whith Yangchuanosaurus changyouensis (mostly skull). Therefore 
I've built a 
cladogram like this one:

 |-Sinraptor (whith base for a back-sail)
 |-Yangchuanosaurus (Whith base for a back-sail, or a very low sail)
   |-Carcharodontosaurus (?Tall back-sail)
   |-Acrocanthosaurus (Tall back-sail)
   |-Giganotosaurus (?Tall back-sail)

Other species that may belong to these groups are Szechuanosaurus, 
Bahariasaurus and 

2) Look up D. Normans "The Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia", at pp. 78. What 
happened to that Massospondylus' skull? IS is Massospondylus at all?

3) What is known about the cladistic position of Nyasasaurus?

4) What are the similarities/differences between Gasosaurus/Kaijiangosaurus?

Hope some of you can answer any of theses questions, or comment number 1. 


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