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Valid Questions

Whoa now Tom! I didn`t mean to raise any hackles. I just wanted some further information from George. Gee, I `m not up much on what goes on in paleontological circles nowadays. I thought more than just a handful of  enlightened people were into BCF. Just a few....that`s too bad. What you said:
"If you agree with the BCF phylogeny, the above is a valid question. If you
are working from the phylogenies accepted by almost every working dinosaur
paleontologist in the world, the above is nonsensical."
 That reminds me a great deal of the story of one Alfred Wegener, a mere meteorologist who was laughed out of the lecture hall when he dared propose to a vast majority of "working geologists" that the continents drifted apart. (He had plenty of good evidence to support his claim, by the way. Paleontological evidence, which was somehow not taken notice of). What a shame!
Well, I`ve said before, I believe in BCF, so I guess I`ll just have to continue asking George my VALID questions. Thank you.