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Carpal claws in enantiornithines (note that I include _Iberomesornis_ 
for convience) are not well known.  _Eoalulavis_ shows some well 
preserved claws that seem to be small, but strongly curved, arguing for 
some climbing adaptation.  Martin (1995; Courier Forshungstitut 
Senckenberg 181) gives a good overview of the enantiornithines with lots 
of reconstructions and restorations.  So far, carpal claws are found in 
_Iberomesornis_, _Enantornis_, _Sinornis_, _Eoalulavis_, and to some 
extent _Concornis_.  

As noted by Feduccia, the pedal claws of some enantiornithines resemble 
those of woodpeckers and woodcreepers, arguing for scansorial niches in 
these forms (_Iberomesornis_, _Sinornis_, _Concornis_).  I would also 
argue that they may have climbed quadrapedally as well.

Matt Troutman

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