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Re: Lots'a questions after a ref.-tiding-up!

> Other species that may belong to these groups are Szechuanosaurus, 
> Bahariasaurus and 
> Chilantaisaurus.

The type material of _Szechuanosaurus campi_ is some non-diagnostic 
teeth.  A referred specimen, which includes good skeletal material 
(as well as teeth) is usually placed close to _Allosaurus_ in 
theropod phylogeny.  It could be a sinraptorid.  (There's a second 
species too, _S. zigongensis_ which I've heard is far more primitive 
than the type species.)

_Bahariasaurus_ - I have no idea where this one should be put.  
Previously it's been placed in the Carcharodontosauridae, but I 
believe this is based mostly on _Carcharodontsoaurus_ bones being 
erroneously referred to _Bahariasaurus_ (which therefore makes 
_Bahariasaurus_ look more _Carcharodontosaurus_-like than it truly 
_Chilantaisaurus_ - Gerry Harris, in his description of 
_Acrocanthosaurus_ (1998), gives convincing evidence for including 
this genus among the Allosauroidea, close to _Acrocanthosaurus_.  

> 4) What are the similarities/differences between Gasosaurus/Kaijiangosaurus?

I wish I knew!

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