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Re: Mezozoic Meanderings

     First, I`d like to say, that in my exuberant support of BCF, I don`t
want to come off as a "DinoGeorge "groupie" (although that might not
necessarily be a bad thing). I have more "selfish" motives. I know that I
came up with pretty much the BCF line of thought  quite independently of
George Olshevsky. I remember being quite bothered by the fact that "someone"
had already published the idea that I was hashing out. I think that
"someone" was Olshevsky. I don`t remember...I was an undergrad, and came
across an article about some grad student who proposed these (back then
contrary) ideas. I`m talking 1971-72??(sound about right George?).
     Anyway, if I ever say something on this Post  that`s not exactly BCF,
please don`t blame George. I have some (sure to be) controversial ideas of
my own on the whole development of the Diapsid line. Eventually, I`ll wind
up spouting them out over the internet for your critical review.
     Meanwhile, Does anybody have a copy of " Mesozoic Meanderings" Ed. 1 or
2 that they might consider selling or tossing (if believed to be heretical).
If so, please toss it my way, as I need some more details on BCF to see if
it exactly agrees with what I`m thinking, and so that I won`t have to bother
George (and possibly others) with what may be to this forum...redundant