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GSP's hadrosaurian reconstructions

This goes specifically to Greg Paul concerning the printing of his profile
reconstructions of herbivorous dinosaurs that ended up in the DinoFest
International proceedings (from 1996 - printed 1998 to the Phila. DinoFest).

    Greg - your hadrosaurian profiles as shown in this publication indicate
a large muscular neck that starts high on the back, and completely hides the
s-curve of the hadrosaurian necks.  Was this a misprint, or are these a flap
of skin instead of a massive neck?  I'd be interested in what was supposed
to be conveyed here.  (I think that some of the reconstructions look good
with these necks, but _Corythosaurus_ and _Maiasaura_ and several others
look silly -  at least to me).

    Please understand that I like quite a bit of your work, and I am merely
trying to understand.  I liked the article as well.

    If this is old news, and someone else on the list has the answer for
me - please send it.

        Thanks in advance,

            Allan Edels