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Re: GSP's hadrosaurian reconstructions

Allan Edels wrote:
> Was this a misprint, or are these a flap
> of skin instead of a massive neck?  I'd be interested in what was supposed
> to be conveyed here.  (I think that some of the reconstructions look good
> with these necks, but _Corythosaurus_ and _Maiasaura_ and several others
> look silly -  at least to me).

Greg Paul doesn't draw thick necks, just because he feels like doing it. If 
and Corythosaurus looks silly to you, it's not he's fault! Thick nuchal 
ligaments has 
actually been fosilized around the neck of Hadrosaurs (among other skin 
like a throut pouch at Maiasaura), and should be there at all Hadrosaurian 
reconstructions made after that discovery.


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