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Re: GSP's hadrosaurian reconstructions

> It is Ken Carpenter, not me, who is actually saying that mistakes are no big
> deal, that that's just how science works. Look at his own words!

     That IS how science works.  Ken is saying that errors and
misinterpretations, or even just different interpretations, are made and
are unavoidable.  If you disagree, I suppose your implication is
that you never make mistakes in your publications and that there is no
reason for anyone to oppose your conclusions; say over the validity of
Dinotyrannus or Stygivenator, even if they have examined the material and
compared it to those of other specimens that they have also examined
personally.  You asked "what ever happened to peer review?"; how many of
these new genera were described in peer reviewed journals by
paleontologists who study theropods?    

LN Jeff