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Re: Lots'a questions after a ref.-tiding-up!

In a message dated 98-08-30 18:27:03 EDT, martz@holly.ColoState.EDU writes
(quoting me):

<< > I don't have the means to visit every damned museum on the
 > planet and to examine every damned specimen at my leisure.
     Then perhaps you shouldn't come to conclusions that oppose those who

What kind of ROT is this? I have every right to oppose >anything< I see in
print for whatever damn fool reason I feel like. Especially when some of it is
paid for with money taxed out of my own pocket. For that matter, so do you.

<<  Why do you rant and rave about scientists not publishing
 descriptions and illustrations that are infallable enough to stand for
 eternity when they HAVE looked at the actual material, and then describe
 new genera, opposing the opinions of people who have examined the actual
 material, when you haven't even seen many of them with your own eyes?>>

You have >absolutely no idea< how much material I have handled with my own
hands. Neither does Ken Carpenter. So neither you nor he has any factual basis
whatsoever for talking this kind of rubbish. >Not< that you don't have the
RIGHT to, of course.

<< If conclusions based on in person examination won't neccessaily last
 forever, those based on drawings and photographs are even more fallable.   >>

Scientific illustration is an entirely different field from dinosaur art, as I
hope and pray you understand. All of paleontology depends on the accuracy of
published scientific illustrations, which in some cases are all that survives
of original material. Since the illustrator has the material at hand, one
would imagine that the figures should at least >match the material<. Well,
imagine my surprise when I find this is, occasionally, NOT TRUE. There's >no
excuse< for that at all. I'm sorry.

Having to respond to this kind of nonsense is both time-consuming and futile,
and I'm not going to bother doing so anymore. So when it pops up again on this
list, and again, and again, lack of comment from me doesn't mean that I have
accepted it. I just means, frankly, I don't give a damn.