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Dinosaur society and a plea for calm

The message included at the bottom of this was sent (as the signature
file attests) by Thom Holmes.  Electronically he's moved around a bit
lately, and listproc didn't recognize him as a subscriber.  Ordinarily
I'd have asked him to send the message from an address listproc would
recognize, but since there's some timeliness here and since I feel a
need to say something quickly I thought I'd throw a rock at two
theropods.  (Incidentally, Thom, you should have recently been
informed that your old address was removed from the list.)

This is not (yet) an official moratorium, but I would like to ask
anyone even *thinking* about writing to the list with respect to the
flames surrounding George, science, and BCF to stand down for a couple
of days in the hopes that the ultimate conversation might turn out to
be productive rather than an internecine conflagration as it currently
appears to be.  I'm a bit busy with other things at the moment, so I
can't take the time to really think about any additional responses to
what has already been said.  Such responses may be forthcoming,
however.  If you're thinking of joining in the fray, please don't...
Most likely I will try (as per habit and -- I think -- common sense)
to work some of this out behind the scenes.  Patience, everyone...

Your humble list administrator,

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)

There have been several inquiries about the status of The Dinosaur
Society posted recently. I have been the Publications Director and
Editor of the Society's publications for the past four years. To put
it simply, the Society ran out of funding in the Fall and current
President Don Wolberg, mastermind of Dinofest, has been seeking
alternative funding. After granting about a million dollars to
dinosaur science during the past three years, it would be a shame to
see the Society disappear forever. Stay tuned for new
developments. The web page is still active and our Dino Times articles
still posted for everyone to access.

If anyone has any ideas about funding or connections that might enable
the Society to get jump-started again, please let me know and I'll
pass the word on to Wolberg. My new e-mail address is listed below.

Thom Holmes
Publications Director
The Dinosaur Society
Editorial Office
721 Crestbrook Ave.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003