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Re: Where angels fear to tread, etc.

In a message dated 98-08-31 09:32:51 EDT, Farlow@ipfw.edu writes:

<< So whenever possible, I like to measure the specimens 
      myself, so that I can be sure that they were all measured the same 
      way.   >>

This is one of the reasons I haven't yet published my own descriptions of the
genera _Becklespinax_ and _Valdoraptor_: I haven't had the resources (time,
money) to travel to London to examine the type specimens at the London Museum.
(Not that there's much to describe.)  I would never dream of writing a
description without physically seeing and handling material myself. There are
some things one should be able to rely on in the published literature (such as
presence or absence of a feature), and other things that one cannot.