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_James Gurney: The World of Dinosaurs_

Anyone who has not yet purchased his copy of _James Gurney:  The
World of Dinosaurs_ by Michael K. Brett-Surman and Thomas R. Holtz,
Jr. should do so posthaste.  The book has an introduction by Jack Horner
and an interesting narrative on the development of the U.S. postage 
stamp dinosaur issue by James Gurney.  The book then opens up the
dinosaurs' world with elegantly written and illustrated pages on
_Ceratosaurus_, _Camptosaurus_, _Camarasaurus_, _Brachiosaurus_,
_Goniopholis_, _Stegosaurus_, _Allosaurus_, _Opisthias_,
_Edmontonia_,_Einiosaurus_, _Daspletosaurus_, _Palaeosaniwa_,
_Corythosaurus_, _Ornithomimus_, and _Parasaurolophus_.  

Also included are sections on what makes a dinosaur, where dinosaurs
have been found in the U.S., additional information on dinosaur stamps,
and a beautiful fold-out of the paintings which were the basis for the
stamp sheets.  

The book is published by The Greenwich Workshop Press (ISBN
0-86713-046-6) and has a list price of $19.95.