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educational materials

Dear list members,

Perhaps this is not the correct forum for this particular question, so
forgive me if I have committed an etiquette breach.

My mother recently mailed me a newspaper article from my hometown,
featuring a three year old boy.  He wants to be  a paleontologist when he
grows up.  I did too when I was his age, so did a lot of us.  This kid is a
little different, though.

His father reads to him from university level text.  his favourite books
are written by such people as Bob Bakker, and the late Carl Sagan.  (Mr.
Bakker, if you're out there, and could contact this kid, it would be a
dream come true for him!)

I ask the following; are there any listmembers out there who may be able to
help me "reward" this little guy for showing so much dedication and
interest, at such a young age?  I myself am sending him some fossils,
including some dinosaur teeth and bones, and an egg.  Probably some
trilobites and ammonites, too.  So far, all he has are a few toys, and some
cast replicas. Can anyone add to this?  I think anything would be
appreciated, whether it be literature, drawings, specimens, photographs,

When I was young, there were a couple of people who went out of their way
to ensure that my fascination with minerals and fossils didn't just
disappear.  I would like to return this favour, if possible.

Please contact me off list if you can be of any assistance.

Thank you.

Michael Schmidt